About AraneaBlack

AraneaBlack is my alter ego and I’m a Garment Technician from Croatia.
Also, addicted to making corsets!

Because I fell in love with corsets during my high-school years, I’ve spent a lot of time obsessing over them.
Looking back to my beginnings, I’ve definitely noticed a very positive increase in availability of corset related information we have today compared to 15 years ago but you can never have too much knowledge!
Inspired by my own corsetmaking journey, I have decided to add my 2 cents by sharing with you what I’ve discovered and learned.

You can expect most content being focused around corset patterns and sewing instructions.
Also, I’ve started adding other non-corset garment patterns that pair well with corsets to create a place where you can download a corset centered full outfit!

In the end, I want AraneaBlack page to become a rich source of information and resources on the topic of corsetry so more people can dare to experience this lovely and unique garment!

Follow me on my social media for more details and a look behind the scenes on current and future projects!