Bunny Ears Pattern for Corset Bunnysuit

I’ve created Bunny Ears Pattern for Corset Bunnysuit accessories to compliment the Corset Bunnysuit Pattern AMBER, quickly turning it into a cosplay costume inspired by the iconic Playboy bunnies. I don’t know if there is anything more that can be said about it as the style is so well know and recognizable.

Bunny set of patterns consists out of a collar, pair of cuffs and ears.

Collar sizing is based on the neck circumference and should fit with a bit of room when finished.
Cuffs are made with snap button fasteners in mind but can easily be changed to a different closure, such as cufflings. Sizes are based on the wrist measurement and have nothing in common with the collar.
Bunny ears come in 3 sizes to provide some options.

More information is available on the pattern PDF file.

How to use the pattern?

Watch the video tutorial to find out how to make the bunny set.

Let me start of with a warning.
Bunny ears themselves where my biggest challenge as I don’t create props very often.
Mistakes where made but I hope you will take this opportunity to learn from my failures as much as you do from successes.

To make your own bunny set, you will need the pattern, fabric and fusible interfacing to stabilize and strengthen it. For the ears themselves, a plastic folder that is stiff enough to fold the ears erect. Double the folder layers if you must. A wider Alice band to attach the ears to. If you usually have problems with holding the band in place, get some small metal combs to add to the inner sides of the Alice band. Also, hair spray. Loads of it.
You’ll need a glue gun, button snaps, sewing tools and something to create the look of cufflinks.

Have fun creating ALL the cosplay costumes!

Download Pattern

Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF pattern files.
If you get a an error message “File can’t be opened. This file type is unsupported”, open the link in a browser.

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