Corset Back Lacing Template

Back lacing strips, pattern and template on a green selfhealing mat

I’ve created the corset back lacing template and reusable strip pattern to make your corset making a bit easier.

Currently, the template is made for use with both 5mm and 4mm inner diameter PRYM two part grommets (eyelets with washer). This might change in the future.
Template can be used on basically any corset with ease, with consistent and precise results. It has 6 grommets positioned closer at the waist line which makes it great for waist reduction.

Reusable back lacing strips are a great tool in any corset makers box of wonders! They will make your mockup/toile sewing process faster while making the fitting so much more precise. They areĀ  super easy to sew on to any mockup/toile and they are easily removed by just ripping out the seam. Don’t waste your grommets or risk having your mockup falling apart during fitting!

How to use templates & patterns?

Watch the video tutorial to find out how to use both the corset back lacing template and pattern.

For making the back lacing template, use thicker card paper as that will make it last longer. You will also need some masking tape (also know as painters tape). Punch holes with the same hole punch tool used for grommet setting. Take your time. Don’t rush because a well make template will save you loads of time in the future.

To create back lacing reusable strips, you will need the pattern, two part grommets, grommet setting tool, strength fabric and boning. With strips too, take your time, make them right. It is great practice and they will save you loads of time, trough years and years of use
Check out Corset Parts 101 to find out more about what is needed to make a corset and what to look for in alternative, budget, supplies.

In the YouTube tutorial, you will also find out all the reasons why we make back lacing the way we do and how it effects the longevity of our wonderful creations.
Enjoy and make ALL the corsets!

Download Template

Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF pattern files.
If you get a an error message “File can’t be opened. This file type is unsupported”, open the link in a browser.

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