Corset Back Modesty Panel

I’ve created this Back Modesty Panel Pattern so it can be incorporated to any corset. Be it in the making or already finished.

Model in question is a suspendable modesty panel with curved edges. It is simple to make it and it can be boned if you would prefer that. Tutorial demonstrates how I make them with my favorite boning pattern. Through the years, and a fair amount of trial and error, I’ve learned what is my preference and why but you are free to bone it how ever you like.
Or don’t bone it at all but I would recommend quilting the layers together to minimize wrinkling. The choice is yours!

How to use the pattern?

Watch the video tutorial to find out how to make and use the corset Back Modesty Panel.

To make a long lasting and reusable back modesty panel pattern, print it out on a thicker card paper. This way you don’t have to print a fresh copy every time you’re making a different size, just trace out the size you need and start crafting! It is also much easier to figure out the needed size if the big pattern stays put!

To sew your own Back modesty Panel, you will need the pattern for it, fabric that the same or as similar to the fashion fabric of your corset, a bit of satin ribbon in similar color to the corset and optional plastic, spiral or flat/sprint steel boning.

Find out more about Back Modesty Panels in the Corset Parts 101!

In the YouTube tutorial, you will also find out more about why you might want to make and use a back modesty panel. Also, you’ll learn more about different stiffening options such as boning, quilting or even cording.
Enjoy and make ALL the corsets!

Download Pattern

Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF pattern files.
If you get a an error message “File can’t be opened. This file type is unsupported”, open the link in a browser.

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