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Aranea Black is me! It would be absolutely silly not to include my own Patreon page now that I have it.
I make FREE corsetmaking goodies such as patterns, tutorials and video.
Steady support over a platform such as Patreon makes it possible to tackle bigger and more ambitious projects.

Bernadette Banner is a YouTube content creator that shares her love for historical garment and way of doing things.
If you enjoy hanging out with her through her video content, consider support her creativity.

Caroline Woollin is the master mind behind Corsets by Caroline, the corset pattern brand you might heard of. She makes a new multi-sized corset pattern available every month through on her Patreon account. It is the reward for her (Tier “A gorgeous corset pattern!” and higher) Patreons so check it out and consider supporting!

Dianna DiNoble is the master mind behind Starkers Corsetry, a corset making business that has been in business for over 20 years. She know her knowledge! She is also an educator that teaches new generations of corset makers. Rewards for patrons start with lower lever corsetry tips and end with a fully custom bespoke corset pattern drafted for you, with a mockup, remote fitting and instructions on how to create that corset by yourself (Tier “Artisan Lever 3″).
Check out her Patreon account and consider supporting.

Karolina Laskowska is a wonderful maker of luxurious lingerie and corsets with a strong passion for fine silks and delicate lace. Alongside creating beautiful pieces of wearable art, she founded the first online museum dedicated to lingerie called The Underpinnings Museum. She rewards her Patrons with a look behind the scenes and monthly Q&A.

Lucy Corsetry is probably the most well know person in corsetry waters! She has been creating educational content as well as reviewing ungodly amounts of corsets on her YouTube channel. Also, she is the mastermind behind the Corsetiere Map , the largest list of corset makers!
Check out her Patreon account and consider supporting!

Manuge et Toi Design is a well know burlesque costume designer. Her designs are mindbogglingly and simply breath taking! She rewards her Patreons with many monthly tips and tricks (Tier “Tips on Tap” and higher). Her Patreon account is something to consider supporting if you enjoy anything burlesque and rhinestones related!

Redthreaded is a costume business that specializes in making and selling historically inspired garments including finished standard sized corsets, corset patterns as well as educational corsetmaking materials. They reward their Patreons with behind the scene live streams, Q&A video conferences and free standard sized finished corsets (Tier IV and higher after a year of patronage)! Consider their supporting their craft!

Royal Black is an extremely talented corset maker! Through her incredible pattern drafting skills, fabric manipulation skills and affinity to new and innovative materials, she crafts breathtaking pieces of wearable art. Her Patreons have access to behind the scenes things, weekly blogs, tips and tricks, as well as 2 extensive crafting tutorials per month (Tier “Get Creative” and higher).
If you enjoy her work, heck out her Patreon account and consider supporting!