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Corset making supply shop should be your first stop when getting into corsetry!

Knowing where to get those rare and fancy corset parts is one of the first steps on your corset making journey! You will have a difficult time making your corset if you can’t get your hands on the appropriate corsetry parts and tools. So do your research and figure out what corset making supplier is the best fit for your needs and wants!

Don’t worry if you can’t get the best corset making parts right from the start, you can slowly build up to that point.
Window-shopping is absolutely free!

2Carrots (Netherlands) is a small corset supply shop in Netherlands. They stock all of the basic corset making supplies as well as some bra making parts. Shop is fully in Dutch but totally worth checking out as they have some very rare and interesting brocade coutil fabrics on offer.

Alysse Creations (France) is a supply shop located in France. They have a good selection of corset making supplies as well as tools but they can also boast with a large selection of different fiber crafting supplies, bra making parts and costume patterns.

Amazon Drygoods (USA) is a small business located in Indiana, active since 1983. They specialize in historical goods and supplies but they also stock a small stock of metal corset making supplies such as steel boning and busks.

A Rare Notion (Australia) is a corset making supply shop located in South Australia that been in business from 2006 (at least).
Their range covers everything you could need to make a corset as well as some bra making parts.

Art-fabric (Russia) is a sewing supply shop located in Russia. It is in Russian meaning you have to know the language to use it. They stock bra making supplies as well as some corset making parts as well like front busks, spiral and flat steel boning, bone tips, synthetic whale bone, two part grommets nad herringbone tapes. If they have coutil fabrics… I didn’t locate them.

Bra-makers Supply (Canada) is a supply shop that’s been in business from 1996. While they primarily specialize in bra making supplies as well as education, they carry enough basic corset making supplies to cover most beginner needs.
They are famous for their bra making kits. A very handy bundle of joy that has everything you need to make one bra.

Bias Bespoke Supply Co. (USA) is based in New York. While they primarily focus on tailoring supplies, they do carry a basic stock of corset and bra making stock such as steel boning, front busks two part grommets/eyelets, metal hooks and rings for bras.

Corsetmakingsupplies (USA) is a corsetry supply shop located in Pennsylvania. In business since 1999, they can boast their with their wast selection of corsetry supplies, including materials and tool.
You can also purchase bra making, hat making, cosplay, steampunk and leather crafting supplies in this shop.

Deine Dessous (Germany) is a lingerie supply shop in Germany. They have more than 10 years of experience with bra, swimwear and corset supplies.
They carry a basic selection of corset making supplies such as coutil, busks, steel boning, casing and two part grommets.

Fabric Land (UK) is a sewing supply company that’ been in business for over 30 years. They have a couple of locations in England. They mainly stock fabrics, garment patterns and haberdashery. They offer a limited amount of corset making supplies like spiral steel boning, lacing cords, two part eyelets eyelets and it is rumored that they stock poly cotton blend coutil. (Couldn’t find it.)

Farthingales Corset Making Supplies (Canada) have been in this business for over 18 years and are located in Ontario. They are a specialized shop carrying materials for corset making as well as bra making and millinery.
They can definitely grant your corsetry desires.

Fitting Room (USA) is a small shop that offers a limited amount of corset making supplies. They have been in business for over 12 years and predominantly focus on selling custom made corsets.

GSTQFashions (USA) is a a small costume business located in Georgia. They offer some basic corset making supplies such as herringbone coutil, spiral and spring steel, front busks and two part grommets/eyelets.

La Rose Passementiarie (Netherlands) is a small historical supply shop based in Netherlands. They offer a selection of accessories, shoes and stockings, haberdashery, books, patterns, fabric, millinery and corset making supplies.

Item Forever (USA) is a small Etsy shop that offers a limited amount of corset making supplies such as different color front busks, spiral and flat steel boning as well as bone tips.

Lacis (USA) is a family business since 1965 located in California. They stock a large variety of supplies for many different textile arts such as lace making, embroidery, knitting and similar. Aside from their specialty, they also stock a good range of corset making supplies, materials and specialty tools.

Narrowed Visions (UK) is a small Etsy shop, in business since 2014. They are located in United Kingdom and sell a small range of specialty corset busks in non standard colors such as red, blue, green, purple, teal and others.
Wonderful for adding an extra little something something to any corset project!

Nehelenia Patterns (Germany) is a small business located in Germany. They’ve been around for over 10 years and aside for stocking many authentic  historical patterns, they also sell a lovely selection of historical sewing supplies as well as corsetry parts.

Redthread (USA) is a small business located in Colorado. While they are more focused on selling ready to wear and custom corsets, they also sell a selection of their corset patterns as well as custom wooden corset busks.

Richard the Thread (USA) is a supply shop based in California. They carry corsetmaking supplies as well as some hat making and cosplay related materials.

Sartor (Czech Republic)  is a fabric supply shop located in Czech Republic. They specialize in high quality silk and linen fabrics. They also offer historical reproduction fabrics. They offer a fairly wide selection of corset making supplies such as coutil, flat and spiral steel, a few different types of front busks, two part grommets and lacing bones.

Sew Curvy (UK)* is a corsetry supply shop based in United Kingdom. They stock a lot of corset making, as well as bra making, supplies and tools. One of their specialty items are their corset kits that have everything you need to create one corset, in a nifty bundle.
*I can’t, in good conscience, recommend this supplier as they’ve made it clear, more than once, that they are against my free content. They believe it devalues mine and other creators work. Since they’ve blocked me on Instagram on their business account(sewcurvysupplies), I see no point in keeping this a secret.

Sin and Satin (USA) is a business located in New York, mostly oriented at making corset but the also offer for purchase  a few corset pattern as well as front busk options and corsetry suitable metal zippers.

Sugar Kitty Coutube (USA) is a small business located in Ohio. They where well know for their finished corsets though they’ve switched to making nipple pastries. Currently, they are destashing some of their corset making supplies, such as spiral and spring steel boning (pre-cut) as well as front busks.

Truly Victorian (USA) is an indie historical pattern brand but aside from garment patterns for men and women, they also offer corset patterns as well as a very small amount of corset making supplies in the form of Flat steel boning, boning tips and bone casing. These supplies are also perfect for making crinolines, bustle cages and similar wired foundation garments.

Tutu (USA) is a ballet costume supply shop located in North Carolina. They offer a small selection of corset making supplies such as coutil and spiral steel boning. Offer a good selection of bobbinet as well as powermesh which are a great choice for summer or built-in dress foundation as well as shape-wear girdles and suspender belts.

Vena Cava Design (UK) is a corsetry supply shop is based in United Kingdom. They have been in business for over 15 years. You can get pretty much everything you might need for a corset, for their web shop.
As a bonus, they can also cover some of your cosplay, steampunk, bra making, millinery and tailoring needs.
*I’ve been ordering parts and tools for my corset projects for over a decade now. 

Vogue Fabrics (USA) is an online sewing supply shop that offers a wide range of corsetry supplies. They are based in Illinois, existing since 1945.
Aside from corset making supplies, they stock a wide range of other sewing fabrics as well as patterns and sewing classes.
It is a one-stop shop for most of your costuming needs!

Whayles Bradford (UK) is a large fabric shop located in England. They offer a decent range of different coutil fabric as well as bobbinet, powermesh and many fashion fabrics.

Finebrand (USA) *Corset making supply shop, located in California but it is currently under construction. From the inactive product categories, they offer a wide range of different corset making and bra making supplies.