Advanced Corset Tutorials

Advanced category holds tutorials for designs, shapes, alterations and methods that are mind-bending! This corner is reserved for the difficult and seemingly impossible. You’ll have the most fun here!

Welcome to the jungle!

Cupped Hips Pattern Modification

Conical shaped corset look great but they also have limitations, especially for people with very low body fat, short torsos as well as high waist reduction.

We can change the more conical shaped pattern to a more hourglass one by cupping the hips over their highest point.

By doing so, we make the corset more comfortable because we’ve lifted pressure and created more room for the flesh to more to.


Corset Vest

This method can be applied to any overbust pattern, not just Aranea Black Patterns. You can use self-drafted, antique or branded patterns. The principle stays the same. We want to extend the pattern all the way to the shoulder seam.

I hope that the higher difficulty of this tutorial won’t discourage you from fiddling with patterns and playing with corset designs. Corsetry is just a skill, and any skill can be learned.

Cupped Rib Pattern Modification

You will find out that tightlacers as well as male corset wearers, usually benefit the most from very hourglass shaped corsets. After a certain waist reduction (which varies from person to person for many different reasons), conical corset shape starts pressing rather uncomfortably on to the wearers ribs.

To reduce more, person would have to “train” their ribs, if that’s even a possibility for them as some people have very inflexible rib cages. A lot of the time, those people are male.

Since human bones can’t be moved (they can but we don’t want that), corsets needs to more instead.
This can be done by drafting gussets and/or gores (or flutes) into the corset pattern like Iris Norris preferred. Or we can curve out the seam lines as shown in the following tutorial!

Ribbon Corset Transformation

How to turn a “normal” corset pattern into a ribbon corset?

Ribbon corset have fascinated stupid amounts of corset makers for decades. They are always interesting and you too probably find them very intriguing. If you don’t, give it time. As you corset making skills grow, you will get there!

You will learn how to transform a “normal”, vertical underbust corset pattern, into a ribbon corset pattern. Process itself is simple yet chaotic so I highly recommend arming yourself with patience, colored pens and loads of coffee. Or tea, hot chocolate, kombucha… what ever floats your boat really.

Split 1 pattern piece into 2

You might think to yourself; seriously, how to you split one corset pattern piece into two?!

I won’t lie to you. It is simple but can get rather complex, depending on the original pattern piece you work with.

Tutorial will teach you the basic principles of this splitting method on a very plain and “boring” vertical cut pattern piece. Simple, clean and easy for this demonstration.

If you take on the challenge of splitting a complexly cut pattern, try to look at the crazy piece in as simplest of terms and apply the same principles learned in this corset pattern adjustment tutorial.

Join 2 pattern piece into 1

You might want to work with larger pattern pieces without drastically changing the size, proportions or the cut of the pattern.
You might want to apply other pattern adjustment methods, have an easier time with pattern matching your fabric or make your corset pattern better fit into the design you’ve imagined.

Doesn’t matter why you do it as long as you know how to do it!

Adjustments for a curved back

While it is a simple process to do, it is a rather complex topic to tackle .

I will not be getting into details on how and why a person might have a very curvy back shape as there are many different reasons for it. Some of them even delve in to the topic of medical corsetry, something I’m not versed in.

For now, I will show you the basic concept at changing the shape of the center back pattern piece of corsets. This change allows the corset to more readily follow the curvature of the wearers back, which makes the corset more comfortable to wear.

Drafting a corset hobble skirt

As always, I want to introduce the basic concepts first. Point of this is to build a good foundation that can be expanded on in the future.

This tutorial is for everyone that ever dared to dream about giving their favorite corset pattern some edge! Bring your craziest fetish ideas to life no matter what your sex, gender, sexuality or kink is! Take these methods and let your creativity run wild!

Knowledge is sexy and this introduction tutorial is for you!