Corset Pattern Tutorials

Making a corset is a large set of smaller operations that work together to form a wonderfully unique garment. In other words, corsetmaking process can easily be learned by absorbing small chunks of information. Those chunks can simply be combined to create a corset construction method or added to your favorite corset making process!

With these tutorials I want to introduce you to your new hobby! Corset making!!!

I hope you will learn something new and don’t forget to have fun!

Beginner category holds basic methods for corset pattern adjustment. These corset tutorials are simple, easy, and perfectly applicable to any pattern but they also form a good foundation of pattern manipulation knowhow.

Start your journey here!

Intermediate category holds many introductory methods for more advanced pattern adjustment. These corset tutorials will start you off with basic concepts of some serious shape manipulation. We will build on these concepts in more detail, later on, in the Advanced category.

Explore your courage here!

Advanced category holds tutorials for designs, shapes, alterations and methods that are mind-bending! This corner is reserved for the difficult and seemingly impossible. You’ll have the most fun here!

Welcome to the jungle!

Youtube Tutorials

There is a wide variety of corset making tutorials available on Aranea Black Youtube channels.

This includes sewing tutorial in form of corsetry lessons, full detailed documentation “Making of …” style series, pattern adjustments, casual corset podcasts as well as past live Instagram stream recordings packed with useful information.

Be sure to check out the channel, maybe you’ll find something to your liking!

Corset Pattern Adjustements

Learn how to customize the fit of your custom made corsets with video versions of tutorials “Grading sizes”, “Lengthening corset patterns” and more.

Making a Corset : My Entire Process

If you are in need of learning how to make a single layer corset with external boning channels/casings, this is the absolute perfect series for you.

Check out the tutorial “How to make boning channels using pressing bars”for a closer look at I’ve used this method to make boning casings in black spot broche coutil.

Video takes you on the journey of how I’ve created a sample corset based on the FREE Overbust Corset Pattern DOLORES.

Corset Talk : Instagram Stream Recordings

Check out what goes on Aranea Black Instagram every Tuesday from 8pm to 10 pm (UTC+2).

We get wild with as viewers send in corsetmaking and sewing questions that I then  answer as best as I can! Scandalous! You must join!