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Fabulous Randomness

As you might conclude by the name of the category, this is where you can find some interesting things that are more or less related to corsets and corsetry.

You can find extra information that doesn’t fit anywhere else. A few things that are inspired by corset but aren’t corsets themselves nor would you use it on a corset. With time, we will see where this page will take us.

Corset Laced Mannequins (UK) is a mannequin business located in United Kingdom that specializes in covering and decorating different styled display mannequins since 2004. Their signature is a “corset” laced back of the mannequin cover. Mannequin model of most interest to corset makers are definitely their Wasp Waisted Mannequins.

Corset Shaped Cookie Cutter (USA) is a fabulous little thing that would make any cookie even tastier! I could not help myself and not include something this fun!

Grace Horne – Knife & Scissor maker (UK) is an artisan that creates gorgeous knifes and scissors. Some of the scissor designs are inspired by lace or corseted figure. These are truly works of functional art and the price reflects that. They absolutely look like they are worth every penny.
Also, she is a corset maker.

Roxy Display (USA) is a big mannequin and display shop. They have been in bussines since 1999. and are located in California. Probably the most interesting mannequin for corset makers are probably their JF-FH01W and  JF-FH02BK models a.k.a. wasp waist shaped torso.

Vanyanis (Australia) engraved busk clasp jewelry including a pair of earrings or a pendant, both in silver and gold. Always wear a part of a corset with you.