Corset Sewing Tutorials

Making a corset is a large set of smaller operations that work together to form a wonderfully unique garment. In other words, corsetmaking process can easily be learned by absorbing small chunks of information. Those chunks can simply be combined to create a corset construction method or added to your favorite corset making process!

With these tutorials I want to introduce you to your new hobby! Corset making!!!

I hope you will learn something new and don’t forget to have fun!


Beginner category holds basic methods for simple corset sewing methods. These corset tutorials are simple, easy, and perfectly applicable to any pattern but they also form a good foundation for making corsets.

You can find basic information for on creating your own boning channels, sewing a front busk, making and applying a lining layer, setting grommets, making mockups/toiles and other key corset marking techniques.

Start your journey here!


Intermediate category holds many introductory techniques for more advanced corset sewing methods. These corset sewing tutorials will start you off with basic concepts of creating some killer curves! We will build on these concepts in more detail, later on, in the Advanced category.

Expect to read about using fashion fabric layers, sewing flossing, sewing flat felled seams, fitting mockups/toiles, sewing gores and gussets, how to use cording and other more changeling corset making techniques.

Explore your courage here!


Advanced category holds corset sewing tutorials that cover the making of very challenging corset shapes, designs and materials! This corner is reserved for the difficult and seemingly impossible. You’ll have the most fun here!

You can expect topics like sewing cupped corsets, creating horizontal tension on corset cups, sewing leather and pleather corsets, pattern matching symmetrical and asymmetrical fabric patterns, adding elastic inserts and more!

Welcome to the jungle!