– Corset Tutorials –

Making a corset can be viewed as a large set of smaller operations that work together to form a wonderfully unique garment. In other words, corsetmaking process can easily be learned by absorbing small chunks of information. Those chunks can be easily combined to create a corset construction method or can be added to your favorite corset making process!

I hope you will learn something new and don’t forget to have fun!

Pattern changes

How to add more boning to corset patterns?

How to grade sizes on multi-sized corset pattern?

How to remove hip wrinkles?

How to make an underbust from an overbust?

How to straighten a curved center front?

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Sewing Corsets – Sandwich Method

Printing PDF Corset Patterns

Preparation of PDF Corset Patterns

Adjusting corset patterns – Cut & Spread Method

Adjusting corset patterns – Lengths

Adjusting corset patterns – Mixing sizes

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Pattern adjustments  >  How to straighten a curved center front

PDF pattern printing   >    – part1 –     – part2 –

PDF pattern preparation  >   – part1 –   – part2 –   – part3 –