Corset Lace on Wings

I’ve wanted to create fun and removable wings for years and I’ve finally made them as a Halloween 2019 sewing tutorial special!

Patterns are available in both ANGEL and Bat wing design as well as A4 and Letter paper format. Both designs are fairly large as I wanted to fully use the size of the paper. Also, they are a lot more fun if they can be seen easily!

PDF files are made out of two pattern pieces per design, one for the fabric pattern and the other as the insert template.

How to use the pattern?

Watch the video tutorial to find out how to make and use the corset lace on wings!

These wings can be made fairly easily if you know how to sew and can be added to virtually any corset, self-made or bought!

Feel free to customize the grommet positions by copying the placement from your corset, to the wing pattern.

To sew your own corset lace on wings, you will need the pattern for it, fabric to create the wings, fusible interfacing (if your main fabric needs a bit more oomph), two part grommets (or eyelets with washer), plastic folder (to stiffen your wings), a corset in dire need of being zhuzhed up, and laces!

Feel free to try making your wings out of other materials, such as craft foam, felt, leather and worbla. Sky is the limit really!

Happy Halloween!

P.S. Don’t be scared to wear these on other, not so spooooky occasions.

Download Pattern

Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF pattern files.
If you get a an error message “File can’t be opened. This file type is unsupported”, open the link in a browser.

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