Corsetmaking tutorials

Corsetmaking : act of making corsets.
Corsetmaker : a specialized tailor that makes corsets.
Corset : a shaping foundation garment usually made out of tightly woven fabric with vertical stiffening, through use of boning, and back lacing as closure as well as size regulation.

Making custom clothing is a much longer process than simply walking into a shop and buying ready made cute garments but it is absolutely worth pouring your heart and soul into a unique personal garment such as a corset.

To wear garments of which we know every seam, every crease and fold well is an absolute privilege and a joy.

Corsetmaking starts here!

On Aranea Black pages, you can find many tools here to help you in your creative corsetmaking journey!
From corset patterns and pattern manipulation tutorials to detailed videos documenting every step of corsetmaking process.
All to get you creating and this is just the beginning!

Corset pattern? Check!

Download one of my FREE multi-sized corset patterns or check out what FREE corset patterns internet has to offer.

If you don’t find anything that tickles your fancy, heat to commercial corset patterns on offer and try your luck.

I’m sure there is a lovely corset patterns somewhere out there with your name on it.

Make a corset mock up!

To test and tweak the fit of a 2D corset pattern, any pattern really, we must make a test garment that will mimic the finished garment but won’t be fancy, pretty or very expensive. Basically, something that will behave very similarly to the desired garment, that can actually be worn and will not cost an arm and a leg. Well, it could be made out of expensive materials but most aren’t made out of money. 😋

This test garments is usually referred to as a mock up, a toile or a muslin.

“How to make a corset mock up?”

This tutorial is design to help you make a quick and cheap but effective boned corset mock up.

It covers the creation of the most basic corset mock up that uses locally available supplies, such as tarp and heavy-duty zip ties. Budget friendly supplies allow for the creation of the mock up before ordering any specialized corsetmaking supplies.


Basic mock up front

Fit a corset mock up

With a corset mock up made, you are ready to try in on and perfect the fit on the garment!
Don’t worry, it might sounds a bit scary but what you need is usually hidden exactly where you don’t want to look for it.
Be brave. Face your fear and learn how to fit a corset mock up one step at a time!

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“How to fit a corset mock up?”

First off, unless something went horribly wrong, it is impossible to look at the pattern and tell if it will fit well. Patterns don’t contain that information but a well-made mock up will reveal it all! And with that said, let’s learn how to fit a basic corset mock up!

After assessing the mock up closely, as well as marking and taking note of all fit problems that it has, it’s time to start applying potential solutions.
Since the mock up is made in such a way that all seam lines and seam allowances are accessible, we focus all of the fitting changes on the seam lines.


Fitting a corset mock up

Copy alterations from mock up to pattern

This is it. The moment you where working so hard for.
Changes made to the corset mock up don’t mean much if we don’t do something with them so yeah, here we are. Doing something about it.

Process of moving changes from mock up or toile back on to the pattern will be a bit different for everyone and every corset but the general principle of it all is very general.

As with the fitting process, it is best to follow a list and approach one problem at a time. Nothing is set in stone so you can always pull back and reevaluate the situation. Change it if there is a need for it but there will come a point where your project MUST be good enough.

Remember, perfectionism is just an excuse born out of fear of failure.

“How to move changes from mock up to Pattern?”

With the mock up made and fitting done, it is time to move ALL changes from mock up to corset pattern!

This can be a bit confusing when starting out but every new skill is confusing and frustrating simply because it’s new and we have no idea what we’re doing. Good news is that it’s just a new skill and ALL skills can be learned.

No part of corsetmaking is an intuitive talent you are just born with. Everything can be learned… including the art of moving changes from mock up to pattern!


Changes moved from corset mock up to pattern

There is more to come…

This page is a massive work in progress.
Many things have been drawn, written and filmed but there is still a long way to go before Aranea Black pages can truly be all about corsets.
Before I add more content concerning corset construction methods, please have a look at currently available corsetmaking videos.

Making an overbust corset

Learn how I make a single layer corset with external boning channels and make one for yourself!
I’ve used Overbust pattern DOLORES in this one.

Making a corset Bunnysuit

I’ve encountered loads of problems while making the Overbust corset bunnysuit AMBER but the series is packed full of useful information for you!
If you want to learn more about making a low cost substitute material corsets, this is the project you are looking for.

Making a Ribbon corset

Are you in a need for a strange exciting and challenging corset? Look no further!
Watch how I made ribbon corset ROSE and learn how to use satin ribbons to make a corset as well as how to use a zipper in a corset.

More FREE content!

In the case you aren’t a fan of video content, here are a couple of great corset sewing resources by very talented corsetmakers!

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Welt-Seam Corset Making Method takes you through the process process of creating a double layer corset.

Bridges on the Body by Jo

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Learn how to make a Long line 1911 underbust corset with Jo and Titanic pattern found on page 45 in “Corsets and Crinolines”.
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SylpheCorsets livejournal by Joëlle

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Super detailed Step by Step Sewing on Reproduction Corset Ref 1 tutorial will teach you how to sew together the corset pattern Ref 1, based on a original antique corset!