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After receiving many amazing messages and pictures of other peoples works, I got the idea of sharing such fabulous work with everyone! This page is that idea made a reality.

In this Hall of Fame, you can see corsets made by different people, from different parts of the world, of different corsetry skill level. All in one place, organized by the corset pattern they’ve used as their starting point.

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Underbust NORA

Underbust corset pattern NORA is the first multi-sized corset pattern I’ve drafted though it is the second one that I’ve published online.
It is very curvy from the get go but can be a bit of a challenge for absolute beginners as it has a total of 16 patterns pieces. This requires a fair amount of precision in cutting and sewing for the best results.

Download your own copy here .

Cream spot broche underbust corset based on corset pattern NORA


Underbust LOLITA

Underbust corset pattern LOLITA is one of the pattern I’ve made to serve the purpose of shaping, without a lot of waist reduction. Fear not, pretty much any corset pattern can be altered to sport a higher waist reduction than it was originally drafted for!
LOLITA has a more gentle shape with 12 pattern pieces in total. Great choice for beginner corset makers and wearers!

Download your own copy here .

Purple and gold start underbust corset based on corset pattern LOLITA


Overbust ERIN

Overbust corset pattern ERIN is an overbust style that boasts a front hip gore pattern piece. Due to the gore, this style is more appropriate for Intermediate skill corsetmakers as gores can be a bitch to sew in.
Check out this article to find out more about sewing gores and gussets!

Download your own copy here .

Underbust SONYA

Underbust corset pattern SONYA is made with the goal of providing extra back support due to the styles high cut back shape. This shape is a great option for creating a smooth back line.
Pattern is made out of 12 pattern pieces in total, making it very beginner friendly.

Download your own copy here .

colorful floral underbust corset based on corset pattern SONYA


cream zelda print corset based on underbust corset pattern SONYA

Sara Mosher

Overbust HOPE

This pattern has been primarily made for people with narrow torso and large chest (relative to torso size). Naturally, it can be altered to fit smaller breasts.
Pattern is made out of 14 pattern pieces in total, with two being gores.

Download your own copy here .

Underbust IRIS

I’ve created Underbust Corset pattern IRIS based on the real antique Edwardian corset pattern found in real antique magazines. Original pattern dates back from 1906/07 but this is a slightly longer, a bit modernized version.
It is a model with 12 pattern pieces per side and an optional suspendable modesty panel.

Download your own copy here .

Neck Corset RAVEN

Inspiration for this patterns was born in the idea of creating a quick little project that can be made from small pieces of fabric left over from making corset projects. Also, it is a cute combination of a “garment” and a piece of jewelry.
Pattern is made out of a total of 10 pattern pieces.

Download your own copy here .

Overbust Dolores

Dolores is a completely free digital pattern for you to play with and explore corsetmaking. She is made with 6 pattern pieces per side and an optional suspendable modesty panel. She is the simplest overbust pattern to date and a great choice to break the monotony of making underbust corsets!

Download your own copy here .