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Every corset starts with a pattern so it only makes sense for you to start your journey by browsing what is on offer, with no strings attached.

Don’t worry, in a few years, you too will catch all Corset-mons!

Antique 1880’s Corded Corset is a gorgeous single sized pattern lifted from the real antique garment piece. It is a 12 piece midbust corset pattern accompanied with many photos of the original garment as well as interesting facts about it.

Antique corset patents found on haabet web page are all over the place. Definitely not the best place for a beginner to get lost but if ve ignore the chaos of it all, this is the best place to get inspired and catch that “What if…” brain bug.
None of the featured patterns have a scale, size, measurements or anything that could be helpful for enlarging it. Some patterns have added seam allowances on them, others don’t and it is not obvious who does what so… welcome to Wonderland, Alice!

AraneaBlack (All patterns) I will spare you and not toot my horn too much. All corset (and non-corset) patterns you’ll find on AraneaBlack are multi-sized and completely free. Patterns don’t have added seam allowances and don’t include sewing instructions (for now).
You probably already know about that but if you don’t, do check out the pattern section. You might like it.

Corset Belt Pattern is a multi-sized waspie corset pattern for light shaping. There are 6 sizes, UK 8-18 (US 6-16 or EUR 34-44). Pattern is made to be printed on both A4 and Letter paper format and it includes simple cutting and sewing instructions.
You have to enter an email address to access files to download.

Custom Corset Pattern Generator found on the Elizabethan Costume Page, creates a set of pattern drafting instructions based on your measurements. It will lead you step by step through the drafting process of making a pair of bodies (corset) pattern.
On the page, you can find more information on how to customize and make your very own pair of bodies (Elizabethan corset).

Long line 1910’s corset pattern is another single size underbust corset pattern lifted directly off of an antique corset. It is a beautiful Titanic era underbust style with 10 pattern pieces (8 if we are being completely honest). Drafted on an inch square grid, it is easy to resize it to a full size.

Made to measure Underbust Corset Pattern Generator is one of the many pattern generators available on the open source platform Freesewing. While open Source isn’t a new thing in general, this is basically the first time it’s used in the context of sewing patterns. Future is NOW!

Male Underbust corset pattern  takes you through the basic corset pattern drafting process that is more suitable for the male physique. What to take in to account when drafting for a more masculine figure. Tutorial is written by the very talented Anthony Canney.

Overbust pattern drafting tutorial by Cathy Hay for Your Wardrobe Unlock’d back in 2007 is now available on Foundation Revealed as a part of an free article. Tutorial guides you step by step through the process of drafting a corset pattern to your measurements.

Post Edwardian long line corset is a single size underbust corset pattern made out of ten pattern pieces. It was lifted from a real antique corset by Jo.
Pattern has a lot of information on the dimensions of the pattern as well as a size scale for easy resize. Along with the pattern, you can find very detailed photos of the construction process for this and many other corsets.

RalphPink (4 patterns)  offers some corset patterns for free download. None have sewing instructions and come in one size only, size UK8. Two corset patterns are for stays, one is a Victorian and one is an Edwardian in the cut style.
These patterns are based on the same patterns available in “Corsets and Crinolines” by Norah Wrought and “Corsets: Historical Patterns and Techniques” by Jill Salen.

Symington Corset “Pattern” collection features many diagrams of corset pattern pieces, but thread lightly as these aren’t patterns even though many can be used as proper corset patterns. Anything after 1902 is definitely useless as a pattern while just some of the earlier ones can’t be considered as patterns. There, I’ve said it…. you won’t find any Edwardian/S-bend usable patterns in this collection.

Under-bust 12 pannel corset pattern by CorsetsbyCaroline is a multi-sized free corset pattern that is drafted in a large number of sizes, UK 8-30. There are no instructions or seam allowances but it makes adjustments easier with a large variety of underbust and high hip circumference variations it comes with.

Underbust Pattern 12 piece is the most methodical free drafting tutorial out there, as far as I know. Marianne Faulkner leads the drafting process step by step, to help you create a lovely fully made to measure corset pattern.

Underbust Corset 1908 is a rather strange and complex Edwardian pattern located at the bottom of the linked page. Pattern is available in one size and it needs to be drafted according to the diagrams and instructions provided. Not a beginner friendly pattern but an interesting puzzle for anyone brave enough to fiddle with it.

Underbust pattern drafting takes you through the process of drafting a made to measure underbust corset pattern. It is a 12 piece underbust style with a high back which is great for more back support.

Underbust Patterns from Scale is a tutorial that explains how to use the scale enlarging system and gives you 4 different underbust corset patterns for you to play with. It is made by the talented Sidney Eileen and is an interesting pattern scaling method to try out.