FREE Skirt Pattern List

Collection of digital free skirt patterns I’ve created!

You can make and sell as many skirtd as you like by using these patterns!

With these free skirt patterns you don’t have to wait to start creating your very own skirts because they are digital. You only require a printer, some paper and a bit of sticky tape.

It is important to know that none of these patterns contain any sewing instructions.
If you are interested in learning more about printing these patterns out, take a look at the TUTORIALS section or my YOUTUBE channel.

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11 sizes EU 34-54

Fishtail Skirt Pattern – Annabelle –

Standard size range is EU 34-54 for 11 sizes marked as sizes A to K for easier reading of the pattern.
Waist circumferences are 62cm-110cm or 24.4″-43.3″ while hip circumferences are 90cm-138cm or 35.4″-54.3″.

Lengths are the same for all sizes, 100cm or 39 3/8″ from waist line to bottom edge (finished length).
Waist to hip length is the same for all sizes, 21cm or 8.3″ .
Also, all circumference heights are clearly marked on all pattern pieces making it easier for you to adjust.

Pattern has added seam allowances of 1.5cm or 19/32″ on all sides except for the bottom edge where it is 3cm or  1  3/16″ wide.