How to ADD a Front Modesty Placket?

How to ADD a Front Modesty Placket?

While there are at least 3 different on how to do it, you will learn the easiest by following this tutorial.

Before you bust out your pen and paper, you should probably know what a front modesty placket is and what it does. To make it real simple, it adds an extra finish to your corsets by covering the little gap between the two side of the front busk. You can bone the Modesty Placket for the extra oomph. Or you can leave it just as is, a small piece of extra fabric.

With the Front Modesty Placket, your corset will look more uniform as it conceals the skin/garment under the corset. It also prevent the busk from accidentally pinching your tummy. Doesn’t happen often but when it does, it ain’t pleasant so go the extra mile and make your corset FABULOUS!

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Hope you will find this method helpful.
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Method is demonstrated on Underbust corset pattern SONYA though the same principle can be applied to any other corset patterns.

Free corset patterns

Aside from the instructional tutorial being available online, it can also be DOWNLOADED as a PDF file for offline viewing.


Pushing your corset to the next level! Adding a Front Modesty Placket!!!

Explanation on what is a front modesty placket

There are corset parts that aren’t necessary but are a very good thing to include.

Front Modesty Placket is one of those things.

There are at least 3 different ways to add a modesty placket to a corset.

This tutorial will focus on one of them. The easiest one.

Pattern used as an example is Underbust Corset Pattern SONYA by AraneaBlack.

Explanation on what is a front modesty placket

Front Modesty Placket is a little bit of extra fabric added to the knob side of a corset busk.

It’s purpose is to close off the little gap between the two sides of the split busk.

With this gap closed, the corset has a uniform look in color and fabric because the placket hides the skin/clothing under it, and it also removes any chance of the busk pinching the wearer.

Modesty placket can be boned to add rigidity of the center front.

Where do we add the it

This method of adding the Modesty Placket requires us to draft the placket into the corset pattern.

No matter the method, plackets are always added to the knob side of the busk, meaning the left-hand side on a finished corset (for right-handed busk insertion).

Start by taking the patterns Front Center pattern piece and flipping it to the correct side.

Size of the Modesty placket

Minimum Modesty Placket width is5mm or 1/4” while the maximum shouldn’t exceed 15mm or 5/8”.

Width depends on the personal preference and if there will be a bone added to it.

Width of the bone will have a large impact on the width so it’s good to treat the Placket like a boning channel.

Drawing the placket on the the center front pattern piece

Measure the desired Front Modesty Placket width from the Front Center seam line and mark it.

Draw a line parallel to the Front Center seam line.

Finishing the edges of the front placket

Flip the pattern piece and trace the top and bottom edge on to the
added Placket.

This way the edge of the Front Modesty Placket won’t poke outside of the overall corset shape.

If the corset edge shape is very aggressive, lower the Placket edge more just to be safe.

End of the tutorial and the demonstration of the look of the pattern piece and finished sewn placket size

Your pattern is ready to make a corset!


Happy sewing!!!