How to ADD suspender tabs to a corset pattern?

How to ADD suspender tabs to a corset pattern?

It’s a very simple and easy process that has a massive impact on the final look of your corset.

You can add suspenders tabs for extra functionality of the corset or it can be a purely decorative thing. Doesn’t really matter, in this tutorial, you will learn how.

Suspenders can be sewn on to a corset without adding fancy suspender tabs but there isn’t a lot of fun there. To hold up stockings, we need at least 1 pair of suspenders, one per side but the sky is your limit. Or, more precisely, the size of the corset is the limit.

If you wish you can add an ungodly amount of suspenders, it would make a big statement. Then again, you can keep it withing the usual and stick to 2 or 3 pairs. Easy to use while holding stockings securely.

For this tutorial, I’ve made an example that uses 2 suspender tab pair. One for the front and one for the back. Further more, front pair is placed right on the seam line while the back pair sits on the middle of a pattern piece. Both options are fine, just a matter of preference and style.

Hope you will find this method helpful and happy sewing!

Method is demonstrated on Underbust corset pattern LOLITA though the same principle can be applied to any other corset patterns.

Free corset patterns

Aside from the instructional tutorial being available online, it can also be DOWNLOADED as a PDF file for offline viewing.

tutorial on How to add suspender tabs to a corset pattern

Make it EXTRA! Adding suspender tabs to a corset pattern!

Introduction into the tutorial on how to add suspender tabs to a corset pattern

Suspender tabs can be added to a lot of different corset patterns.

For suspenders to hold stockings, we need at least 1 pair but it is very usual to have 2 pair though 3 pairs are seen often.

Suspenders don’t need to be functional. They can be added to corsets worn as outer garments, for decorative purposes.

Suspender tab length depends on the wearers preference and length of the original pattern.

Pattern used as an example is Underbust Corset Pattern LOLITA by AraneaBlack.

Measuring instructions

Start the process by measuring the distance between your waist circumference to the bottom edge of the suspender tab.(Marked as “X”)

Keep in mind that the suspender elastic will be sent on to the suspender tab so the tab itself doesn’t have to reach the edge of our stockings!

Instructions on how to measure suspender elastic

Decide if you will be covering your suspenders with fancy fabric and/or lace before drafting the suspender tabs to the corset pattern as it will greatly affect the finished width of suspenders.

Measure the width of the suspender elastic (marked as “Y”).

Preparing the corset pattern for adding of suspender tabs

I will add 2 pairs of suspender tabs to demonstrate the technique but more can be drafted in the same way, if you wish so.

Draw a long straight horizontal line.

Lay all pattern pieces on it, from center front to center back while making sure that the waist line aligns with the new line.

marking out the outline of the suspender tabs

Measure the distance from the waist line to the bottom edge of the suspender tab length (marked “X”).

Draw a new line parallel to the waist line.

Decide where your tabs will be positioned.They are usually placed one the half width of front and back halves of patterns.

Drawing the center line for the suspender tabs

Draw lines on the right angle to the suspender tab line, where the middle of the suspender tab will be located.

Usually, we don’t want to place suspender tabs just anywhere but you are free to do as you please.

Divide the suspender elastic width (previously marked with “Y”) in half.

Extending the seam lines of corset pattern pieces to prepare the pattern for the process of how to add suspender tabs

Mark the value of half the width of suspender elastic on each sides of the newly drawn lines.

Extend all pattern piece seam lines to the suspender tab line.

If suspender tab will be placed right on the seam line, use it as the middle of the tab width.
As seen on front pieces.

Taping together all pattern pieces for easier drawing of the new bottom edge line for the suspender corset

Temporarily tape together all pattern pieces from waist line to suspender tap line.

Draw the new bottom edge shape.

I’ve only added tabs while keeping the front, side and back lengths but it’s up to you how much to change.

End of the tutorial how to add suspender tabs to a corset pattern

Your pattern is ready to make a corset!


Happy sewing!!!