How to locate circumference lines on a corset pattern?

How to locate circumference lines on a corset pattern?

Ok, maybe you never really asked yourself that and you are majorly confused right now. Like, why would you want to do that?!

Simple. When you know where what is suppose to go on a corset pattern, you know a lot better how to fit it and adjust it to the unique you.
A problem arises when you don’t draft your own corset patterns because the large majority of commercial patterns don’t have most of their circumferences marked on them. This is great for the pattern brand but sucks for you. Therefor, this tutorial.

With that said, most of antique corset patterns and patent diagrams have little to no information on them. That includes the lack of circumferences.
Naturally, this isn’t true for patters that kind people have copied/lifted from existing real antique garments because they are so kind, they mark everything and anything on their patterns, including boning placement and waist tape position (which is very likely the waist circumference line of that corset pattern).

No matter the pattern, I want you to know how to locate major torso circumferences. That includes bust, underbust, waist and hip circumference. With this skill you can lift up your fitting and pattern drafting game to the next level!

So, how do you locate circumferences on a corset pattern?
You follow THIS tutorial!

Happy sewing!

Method is demonstrated on an Overbust corset pattern DOLORES though the same principle can be applied to any other corset patterns.

Free corset patterns

Aside from the instructional tutorial being available online, it can also be DOWNLOADED as a PDF file for offline viewing.

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