How to remove a back lacing gap?

How to REMOVE a back lacing gap?

It is simple really. All you need is a pattern that’s made to fit with a back lacing gap, a pen, a ruler and some tape!

Before you learn how to remove the back lacing gap from your corset pattern, literally close it, I want you to know why you’d want to do it.

There are people that prefer the corset fits them with the back fully closed. They can count on the corset fitting them over other garments with a little back gap due to the added garment thickness.

Others really love the way it looks. It doesn’t matter why you’d might want to remove it. Point is to know how to do it, if you ever need it!

This tutorial demonstrates the removal of a 5cm or 2″ wide back lacing gap. It is a very usual back gap width but they can very in size. With that said, don’t overdo it make the corset unintentionally too large.

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Hope you will find this method helpful and happy sewing!

Method is demonstrated on Underbust corset pattern ANNA though the same principle can be applied to any other corset patterns.

Free corset patterns

Aside from the instructional tutorial being available online, it can also be DOWNLOADED as a PDF file for offline viewing.

Tutorial on how to remove a back lacing gap on a corset pattern

Maybe you don’t know what to do with this knowledge today but you might need it tomorrow.

Explanation of the back lacing gap

Some corset patterns have a back lacing gap drafted in them. Some don’t.

Some people like it when a corset is made to fit with a back lacing gap. Some don’t.

Thing is, when you learn how to draft out a back lacing gap all on your own, you don’t depend on the preferences of other people.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to REMOVE a back lacing gap without, potentially, creating more problems along the way.

Pattern used as an example is Underbust Corset Pattern ANNA by AraneaBlack.

How not to remove a back lacing gap

Start by reading the information in the pattern envelope or instructions.

Find out if the pattern is made to fit with a back lacing gap.

If there is no mention of a back lacing gap,it is very likely it wasn’t make to have it.

In the case that the pattern doesn’t come with any kind of information about it, you have to do detective work and consider the style, period and it’s proportions.

Make a mockup /toile and see what happens.

Why it's a bad idea to add the width on just one pattern piece

Easiest way to close the back lacing gap is to simply add 1/2 of gap width on to the center back and call it a day.

This is the “dirty” method that has the potential of dis-balancing the overall look of the corset.

Always make sure there is enough space to fit a pair of flat steel bones that sandwich the grommets for a strong and durable back lacing.

On what pattern pieces to spread the back lacing gap width

Safer adjustment to the pattern is to spread the 1/2 of the back gap with over 2 or more pattern pieces.

It is best to keep the gap drafting limited to pattern pieces from the Center Back to the side seam so we don’t distort the positions of seam lines, especially on overbust corset styles.

How to spread the back lacing gap width

To demonstrate, I will use 5cm or 2” back  lacing gap. 1/2 of that is 2.5cm or 1”.

Pattern ANNA has many narrow pattern  pieces so I’ll spread the gap width over 3 pattern pieces.

Preparing the pattern pieces for changes

Draw a straight line parallel to Back seam or on a right angle to the waist line.

Try to position this line around the middle of pattern pieces.

Cut patterns on the drawn line.

Applying the changes to the corset pattern pieces

Place a strip of paper under one side of the pattern. Tape them together.

Spread pattern pieces by the calculated amount to close the back lacing gap.

Finishing touches for the corset pattern changes

When spreading the pattern pieces, make sure that the cut lines are parallel to each other and that the waist line stayed true.

With everything in place, tape together and reshape the top and bottom edges.

Difference between the original size of pattern pieces and the altered version for tutorial on removing a back lacing gap

Congratulations !You’ve just removed/closed a back lacing gap of 5cm or 2”!

This method can be used on most corset patterns.


Happy sewing!!!