How to remove corset pattern gores by splitting in two?

How to remove corset pattern gores by splitting in two?

You might be surprised by this but the process is very simple!

We have the parent pattern piece that has the slit for the gore, and the gore pattern piece. You have to cut both of them in half, right through the gore point. When you have both the left and the right side prepared for both the parent and gore piece, simply connect them together!
Sure, there are a few details that need to be ironed out. Aside from those, it’s as easy as a lemon squeezy!

If this method doesn’t satisfy your corset pattern needs, check out one of the older tutorials on “How to remove gores”.

Enjoy this tutorial and get your corset making mojo on!

Method is demonstrated on Overbust corset pattern ERIN though the same principle can be applied to any other corset patterns.

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Aside from the instructional tutorial being available online, it can also be DOWNLOADED as a PDF file for offline viewing.

Tutorian on how to remove gores by splitting the pattern pieces in two

Another way to do thing.
Let’s remove some gores!!!

Introduction to the tutorial on how to remove gores from corset patterns by splitting them in two new pieces

In one of the past tutorials, we’ve learned how to remove, more precisely redraft, the gore pattern piece into its parent piece.

This time, we will work with a different approach as we learn how to draft out the gore pattern piece by splitting the parent and gore pattern piece into two, totally new, and separate pattern pieces.

This method is very useful with super curvy pattern pieces with very large gores as it creates pattern pieces with gentler curves right of the bat.

Pattern used as an example is Overbust Corset Pattern ERIN by AraneaBlack.

measuring the corset pattern piece width to divide it in half

Start by taking the parent pattern piece, also known as, the pattern piece that has the gore slit on it.

Find and mark circumference lines if the original pattern doesn’t have any.

Divide the top (or bottom) edge in half.

Connect the half mark with the point of the gore slit, with a straight line.

Instruction on how to measure and divide the gore corset pattern piece

Do the same with the gore pattern piece.

Cut both pattern pieces, parent and the gore, on the newly drawn lines.

Mark the pattern pieces by their side, as left (marked “L”) and right (marked “R”).

Connecting the parent and gore corset pattern piece half

Take the left parent and gore pattern pieces first.

Match their points and edges.

Overlap of the seam lines is to be expected.

Measure the overlap on the hip circumference. Marked as “X”. 
Bust or underbust circumference if working with a gore above the waist line.

Drafting the new line for one of the connected corset pattern pieces

Extend the hip circumference to the right.

Measure out the value of the overlap.Marked as “X”.

Connect the point, “X” mark and the bottom edge point with straight lines first.

Smooth out the new seam line with curved lines that fit with the rest of the pattern shape.

Drafting the outline of the connected corset pattern piece if the overlap is very large

If the overlap is very large and it creates crazy curvy seam lines, divide it in half and apply that to both sides.

Make sure to draw a line parallel to the waist line, on the point of the gore to transfer the starting point of the pattern alteration on the other seam line.

Connect and smooth all point as shown in diagram.

Example is exaggerated on purpose.

Method of how to remove gore by splitting corset pattern pieces in two repeated on the other side

Repeat the same process on the right side parent and gore pair.

Measure the circumferences on all pattern pieces, both original and newly drafted.

Compare those values.

They should be the same.

Parent + Gore = Left + Right

End of the tutorial on how to remove gores on corset patterns by splitting them in two

With both pattern piece sides merged and adjusted, be sure to walk your seams to make any necessary changes to for the perfect fit.

Your pattern is ready for a mockup!

Happy sewing!!!