How to split one corset pattern piece into two?

You might think to yourself; seriously, how to you split one corset pattern piece into two?!

I won’t lie to you. It is simple but can get rather complex, depending on the original pattern piece you work with.

Tutorial will teach you the basic principles of this splitting method on a very plain and “boring” vertical cut pattern piece. Simple, clean and easy for this demonstration.

If you take on the challenge of splitting a complexly cut pattern, try to look at the crazy piece in as simplest of terms and apply the same principles learned in this corset pattern adjustment tutorial.

Start sewing your newest corset right NOW!

Hope you will find this method helpful and happy sewing!

Method is demonstrated on Underbust corset pattern  LOLITA though the same principle can be applied to any other corset patterns.

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Aside from the instructional tutorial being available online, it can also be DOWNLOADED as a PDF file for offline viewing.

tutorial on how to split one corset pattern piece into two

Corset Pattern Remodeling

Splitting one pattern piece into two!

Introduction to the tutorial on how to split one corset pattern piece into two

Sometimes, a corset pattern might not have enough pattern pieces for our needs or its lines are too curvy for our liking.

No matter the reason, you can always redraft a single pattern piece into 2 new, separate pieces with a bit more finesse than cutting it in half…

… like a barbarian or whatever.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to divide and conquer your pattern!

Pattern used as an example is Underbust Corset Pattern LOLITA by AraneaBlack.

Preparation of the corset pattern for the split

Start with a pattern piece you wish to split.

Locate and mark all circumference lines if the pattern doesn’t have them already.

Divide the waist line in half.

On the right angle to waist line, draw a long straight line.

Cut the pattern piece on that line.

Preparing the freshly cut in half corset pattern pieces for the next step

With the pieces split in half, we need to make them look pretty!

Divide the waist line in half

On the right angle on to the waist line, draw a long straight line.

This is the middle of our new pattern pieces.

You will use them to orient the shape of the new pattern pieces.

Measuring circumference of the corset pattern

Measure the length of all other circumference lines, for each patter piece separately.

Market on diagram as “X”, “Y”, “Z”, and “W” .

Write those values down for later calculations.

Extend the circumference lines.

Marking out the outline of the new corset pattern piece shape

Divide in half all measured circumference lines.

“X”/2 = “a”
“Y”/2 = “b”
“Z”/2 = “c”
“W”/2 = “d”

Measure and mark the halves, from the pattern piece middle line, to left and right.

Pivoting the original pattern piece to create new corset pattern lines

Use original pattern pieces as “rulers” to help out with drawing of new seam lines.

Lay waist line on waist line and use a pen or pin to anchor the pattern piece.

Pivot the piece up and down, until you reach the mark.

Draw the new line and connect the waist line to marked point on hip and underbust line.

Positioning the top and bottom edge of the corset pattern piece for transfer

Repeat the pivoting on the waist line until you’ve connected all circumference lines with the waist line.

With that done, use the original pattern pieces as “rulers” again but this time place underbust line on underbust line with seams right on marks and transfer the lines from underbust to top edge.

Do the same for the hip line to draw out corsets bottom edge.

Roughly drafted outline of the new shape for split corset pattern pieces

With pattern pieces outlines drafted, go ahead and smooth out new seam lines.

You are free to additionally tweak the shape of pattern pieces but always make sure circumferences stay true to original.

Walk your seam lines and make adjustments if needed.

End of tutorial on how to split one corset pattern piece into two

This pattern split method is a great solution for patterns that are too curvy for easy flat felled seam sewing.

Your new pattern is ready for a mockup!


Happy sewing!!!