How to turn a “normal” corset pattern into a ribbon corset?

How to turn a “normal” corset pattern into a ribbon corset?

Ribbon corset have fascinated stupid amounts of corset makers for decades. They are always interesting and you too probably find them very intriguing. If you don’t, give it time. As you corset making skills grow, you will get there!

We quickly find out that ribbons corsets are tricky to draft patterns for. Also, they are quite the challenge to actually sew together. Don’t worry, I got you. Here is a great tutorial on one of the methods on “How to make a ribbon corset” by Sidney Eileen.

Back to the pattern tutorial.

You will learn how to transform a “normal”, vertical underbust corset pattern, into a ribbon corset pattern. Process itself is simple yet chaotic so I highly recommend arming yourself with patience, colored pens and loads of coffee. Or tea, hot chocolate, kombucha… what ever floats your boat really.

Good luck, have fun and go make ALL the corsets!

Method is demonstrated on Underbust corset pattern ANNA though the same principle can be applied to any other corset patterns.

Free corset patterns

Aside from the instructional tutorial being available online, it can also be DOWNLOADED as a PDF file for offline viewing.

Tutorial on How to turn a

Corset Pattern Transformation!

Making a “Ribbon” Corset!

Instructions on how to make a ribbon template ruler

In this tutorial, you will learn the basic principle of the advanced pattern manipulation technique of turning an underbust pattern into a ribbon corset

Every pattern will be a bit different and will require specific adjustments to make that specific pattern work with this method.

Be warned, there are no curved corset edges when working with ribbon.

Pattern used as an example is Underbust Corset Pattern ANNA by AraneaBlack.

Instructions on how to choose ribbon or tape for your ribbon corset

Start by choosing the ribbon or tape you will use to construct the corset with.

It should be tightly woven with stable dimensions, as similar to the characteristics we look for in strength fabrics.

5cm or 2” with is a popular choice but you can work with what ever width you’d like but do be warned that very narrow or wide ribbon will be difficult to work with.

Feel free to experiment and create your own ribbon/tape using strips of fabric.

Instructions on how to make a ribbon template ruler

Create your ribbon template out of card stock or heavier paper.

Make it at least as long as 1/4 of the largest circumference measurement.

You will use it as a tool to help you with positioning, marking and drafting new ribbon pattern pieces.

Preparing pattern pieces for ribbon transformation

Trim center front to 3cm or 1 3/16” width.

Trim center back to 4cm or 1 37/64” width.

“Shave off” 2.5cm or 1” on both side seams.

We will draft a new rectangular pattern piece 5cm or 2” wide to replace what was removed.

Drafting pattern pieces for center front and back, and side seam pattern pieces

With both center front and back pieces changes, and with the new side pattern drafted, we need to start combining the rest of pattern pieces together like we are walking seams.

We will work in small increments as the ribbon is narrow.

Transforming vertical pattern pieces into ribbon horizontal pieces with ribbon template

With patterns taped together, get the ribbon ruler and start laying out your new pattern pieces.

As you work, mark the ribbon ruler position on the pattern pieces.

On the ruler, mark the sides seams of edge pattern pieces.

Use this information to create a new pattern piece.

Transforming vertical pattern pieces into ribbon pieces on the waist line

Next, place the ribbon template on the waist line to create that pattern piece the same way as before.

With that done, fill out the space between the top and waist ribbons with more ribbon pattern pieces.

It is expected to have pieces overlap.

Finishing ribbon pattern pieces

Fill out the space between top and waist ribbon with as much ribbon lines as you like.

Your original pattern pieces will look very confusion after the process so it’s good to use different colors for different lines.Same method should be used on the rest of the corset.

End of Tutorial on How to turn a

After you’ve repeated the same process on the whole corset, you should have a wild collection of pattern pieces ready for a mockup.

Ribbon corsets are a challenge to draft and sew together but their delicate look is so worth it!


Happy sewing!!!