Overbust corset pattern ERIN

  • Overbust ERIN 01 front
  • Overbust ERIN 02 front
  • Overbust ERIN 03 side
  • Overbust ERIN 04 side
  • Overbust ERIN 05 back
  • Overbust ERIN 06 back

Overbust corset pattern ERIN is a completely free digital pattern for you to play with and explore corsetmaking!
Pattern is made out of 7 pattern pieces per side (with a total of 14) with one of the pattern pieces being a gore.
Included with the corset pattern, there is an optional suspendable modesty panel.

Pattern Difficulty : Intermediate ●●●●○○

If you download this pattern, you will receive the overbust corset ERIN pattern ready to be printed both on Letter or A4 paper format.
Also, you will get a short set of instructions on how to measure yourself, how to pick a size and how to print this pattern.

! Pattern has been updated 04.06.2019. Now it looks exactly the same as other Aranea Black corset patterns.

You can make as many corsets as you like by using this pattern, and sell them, if you wish to do so.

Measurements and sizes:

size table for overbust corset pattern erin metric
size table for overbust corset pattern erin imperial
size lengths metric

Pattern is originally drafted using Metric values!
Imperial values have been converted and rounded up, making the values in Inches approximations.

Measurement shown in the size charts are values for the finished corset not body measurements!
All circumference heights are clearly marked on all pattern pieces making it easier for you to adjust.

Check out my pattern adjustment/grading TUTORIALS for more info on how to alter these patterns for a better fit.

size lengths imperial


There are no seam allowances added nor does the pattern include any sewing instructions.

You don’t have to but it is highly recommend that you add additional bones (and more if needed) for larger sizes. More boning produces a better distribution of force. Better distribution of force makes the corset smoother and more comfortable because bones prevent fabric from bunching up on the waist line.

Sew a boned sloper, mock up or a toile before using “good” fabric to test the patterns size and fit.
I wish you the best of luck in tackling this overbust corset project!

technical drawing of all pattern pieces for the overbust corset pattern erin
Download Erin

Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF pattern files.
If you get a an error message “File can’t be opened. This file type is unsupported”, open the link in a browser.

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How was the example Overbust corset ERIN made?

Example corset made from corset pattern Erin is made using the single layer construction with internal boning channels.

Strength layer is made from black and white small weave herringbone coutil. Boning channels are sewn on black boning channel tape sold by length. Corset edges and the waist tape are both made using black cotton twill tape.

Boning is a combination of 7mm spiral steel and 5mm flat steel (for back lacing). Front busk used is regular narrow steel busk in silver.

Back laces are made from black cotton flat tubular laces (sold as corset laces in many shops). Two part silver grommets are used for back lacing.

Many different types of corset construction can be applied to overbust corset pattern ERIN, it is purely a question of preference!

Here are a few different methods to check out :

How to sew gores on/in a corset?

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