Neck Corset Pattern -Raven-

Neck Corset Raven Front

Corset pattern -Raven- is a fun little unisex neck corset pattern. As usual, it is a completely FREE digital pattern that is easy to print out.

You can make as many corsets as you like by using this pattern, and sell them, if you wish to do so.

This pattern has 5 pattern pieces per side. Sizes are based on the neck circumference taken at the very base of the neck (where it connects to the torso).
Inspiration for this patterns was born in the idea of creating a quick little project that can be made from small pieces of fabric left over from making corset projects. Also, it is a cute combination of a “garment” and a piece of jewelry.

Standard size range is 33cm – 47cm / 13.0″ – 18.5″ while lengths are the same for all sizes.

Download folder contains 2 PDF files and 1 text document (containing sizes and printing instructions).

There are no seam allowances added nor is there a lacing gap drafted in and the pattern does not include any sewing instructions (That might change in the future.).

As always, it is highly recommended to make a sloper, mock up or a toile before using “good” fabric.

Neck corsets can be made without any boning (if the fabric used is sturdy enough on its own) or with plastic boning (like zip ties or synthetic whalebone) for a well shaped light weight piece. Naturally, steel boning is definitely a choice as well.

Neck Corset Raven Corset Diagram
Neck Corset Raven Corset Diagram
Download raven

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– Text & Video Pattern Tutorials –

Check out these tutorials for help on how to print out digital PDF patterns as well as how to connect and prepare them for use including customizing the standard sizes for a better fit.
Tutorials are available in text and video form.

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