PDF patterns & excel files part 1

This is a tutorial on how to understand and print out PDF patterns.
As an example I’ve chosen the waspie pattern you can download for free.

free corset patterns
— Basic PDF pattern elements —

First things first, there is a basic size legend with letter and color code for all sizes in pattern nest. Sizes are based roughly on the corset waist measurements with around two inch or five centimeter difference between sizes.
For more detailed size and measurement information, check out the excel file that comes with the pattern PDF. We will touch on it a bit later in the video.

Four inch and ten centimeter lines placed in the modesty panel will help you check the proper size of the print out.

This amazingly dull looking clump of text is the pattern specification and it includes pattern corset style, name and the total number of pattern pieces.
Also, the size range of min. – max. in inches and centimeters.
All of this should make it a bit harder to mix up your patterns.o.

Pattern piece identification numbers are placed top and bottom.
Center front is always marked with number 1.
Center back pattern piece will be marked with the largest number which depends on the total number of corset pattern pieces.
Pattern piece 1 connects with pattern piece 2 and that connects to 3 and so on.

Special pattern pieces don’t have numbers and are not part of the corset itself like the modesty panel that is optional and separate.

Horizontal utility lines include and start with the waist line representing the narrowest part of the corset. Also, it can be used as a guide for the placement of waist tape.

Because this is a waspie corset pattern, it is too short to have common horizontal utility lines such as bust, underbust, high hip and/or low hip circumference. Instead, it has the utility lines marking the widest circumference from waist up and waist down.

Grain line is a vertical utility line used for pattern piece orientation on fabric. it is also useful when modifying lengths between horizontal lines.

With both horizontal and vertical utility lines clearly marked on pattern pieces, adjustments and customization of the pattern to better suite you and your needs are made much easier.

Letter size codes are placed on the top edge of pattern pieces and the pattern lines themselves are color coded by sizes but you can also choose to print it out in gray scale.